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An employment-based green card can be a long process and generally requires a employer for sponsorship, a job offer, labor certification and petitions. Fortunately, the National Interest Waiver (NIW) green card allows the applicant to circumvent both the PERM Labor Certification and sponsorship requirements by self-petitioning.

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Eligibility to begin the National Interest Waiver visa process:

It’s important to understand that the NIW requirements are separate from the EB-2 requirements and that you must meet the requirements for both to be eligible.

The foreign national must show that his/her proposed endeavor is considered to have substantial merit and national importance. Meeting this requirement does not create a blanket approval for the field of endeavor and the
The foreign national must be in a position to advance the proposed endeavor. This means analyzing factors such as the applicant’s educational background, experience, relevant skills, a record of similar successes, current progress, and a plan on how the applicant will evolve their work in the U.S. Applicants are not required to prove that their endeavor will succeed, but rather that they are equipped to make it succeed if the opportunity presents itself.
The foreign national must demonstrate that their work will benefit the U.S., nationally and that the government should waive the Labor Certification requirements.

How can Purdy Law Assist with your NIW case?

Purdy Law can assist in determining whether you are eligible based on the criteria listed above. Our employment based green card team has significant experience with complex employment immigration cases and we are prepared to assist you with the issues that may arise with your NIW filing.


Have a question? Check these answers.

A Regular EB-2 is very similar to an EB-3, you will need an employer to sponsor your employment based green card and you will need to obtain a PERM Labor Certification before you can apply for Form I-140. With the EB-2 NIW, you can sponsor yourself and can circumvent the Labor Certification process entirely, apply for Form I-140 directly.

To satisfy the EB-2 requirements you need either a Master’s or a Bachelor’s and 5 years of progressive experience. The experience must be in the specialty or filed you are apply for and the degree must be related to the specialty or skill you are applying under.

No, you only need to meet the requirements for one of the two EB-2 criteria. However, having both can be beneficial to your case.

Yes, you can still apply for an NIW even if you haven’t published any work. The published article requirement is just one out of the many criteria. If you have the academic qualification and/or years of industry experience, you could still qualify.

Yes, you can. If you qualify for both, having two pending applications can work in your benefit as you will have 2 chances for a green card approval.

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